Our Cats

Our Ladies:


Rossity Zosia Of Iceforest ,  Champion WCF(Russia), Champion CCA                                   

Zosia arrived in  Canada July 2012,  she was imported from Russia along with her daughter to join our cattery. Zosia has  come  to  us from Rossity Siberians a breeder of Traditional Siberian Forest Cats located in  Moscow Russia.  Zosia  is  two  years  old  and  has  gained  championship  status  through  Aston WCF  in  Russia. She is  of  traditional  blood lines  and  traditional  color , she is considered  to  be  a  Silver  Mackrel Tabby .

Rossity Jessica Of Iceforest, Champion CCA   Imported from Moscow Russia 

Jessica is is the  daughter of  Zosia and was also imported from Russia, she was born  in Feb 2012. She  gained  the  title  of  Champion  her at 1st show and  will  be  striving  for  her  Grand Championship . Jessica was the 2nd  best Siberian  in Canada  for the  year  of  2012/2013 . Jessica produces  fabulious kittens that are big bone and  very loving in  nature. Her girls usually  carry  her sweet expression. Her  kittens are all a match to the  breed standards of TICA, CFA and CCA . Jessica  is a Brown Mackerel Tabby.


Annushka Vivalavita Of Iceforest, Champion CCA  Imported from Russia 

Annushka is a  new addition to  our cattery. She was imported  from Vivalavita Cattery  in Russia. Once  she  get to  know you  she is  extremely  lovable and  very sassy. She is a great addition to our siberian family as  she has a different siberian body type and is a rare golden Siberian. She is  An excellant  mom and  her  kittens  carry her  wonderfull personality . Annushka or "Nushy" as  we  call her  is  a Gold Patch  tabby in CCA or  Black gold Spotted  Tabby for TICA . 


Do  frame

Do Syberyjski Sen Of  Iceforest, Champion CCA Imported from Poland

Dosia is a newer addition to our Cattey. She comes to us from Syberyjski Sen* PL Cattery in Warsaw, PL with many thanks to Monica for all that you did to get her to us. Do is sweet, cuddly and loves being snuggled, held and carried she just relaxes in your arms. She is always is curled up somewhere close waiting to see what she can help you with next. She is  soon to become a mom, but until then is playing a big sister to our  newborns. She is considered a solid coloured black siberian even though she  has a  grey/brown undercoat with a beautiful classic siberian body style.       23323     She has been a favourite at the show this  year.


Shastliva Cristal Signature, Champion CCA Imported  from USA

Cristal  is  our American beauty. She  has come to  us  from Nebraska, with the  help of  her  breeder Mary. Cristal is fluffy and  puffy with a silky soft  fur  she is the newest  of  our  queen. She is a delight as  she  plays and babysittes our little ones, training to  become a mom shortly. She will go on to  have a  successful show career as she is much liked as a young cat  in the  show  ring.

Our Gentlemen:

Izum crop fullframe

Rossity Izum of Iceforest, Champion CCA 

Izum is off to  a great  start in his career,both as a champion  and a father. He  is  also Imported  from  Moscow .His  Dam is in International Champion in  Russia and  his  Sire is  RW Supreme Grand Champion TICA, Grand Champion CFA, European Champion WCF, International Champion FIFe Rossity Kamysh . Izum  is  very sweet but shy and a  huge  lovebug. and is  considered  a  Brown Classic tabby with a  large traditional body style at  the age  of 2 he is about  17 lbs . 


Rossity Muskat , Champion CCA Imported  from Moscow Russia

Muskat  came  to  our  cattery June 2013 from Rossity cattery  in Moscow,Russia. He  was only  4  month upon his  arrival but we where shocked  by not only  his  physical size  but the  size of  his personality. Muskat  is  super friendly,sweet, bold, and not  shy  at  all . He has a wonderful body  type  with a very  fluffy  thick  coat, a very  beautiful boy . The  judges also appriciate his  style  at the  show. Muskat Has  attatined  his  championship and  is now  proving to  be a fabulous  Father .Muskat  is  a  Red classic  male  that  will bring a  wide range of colours to  our cattery.

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