The Siberian Forest Cat is  known for  being hypoallergenic for many people. So if  you have  allergies there is  a  good chance  that  you can own a Siberian. Most Siberians have a low  occurrence of a glyco-protein enzyme called FEL d1 in their saliva. Most  "cat Allergic" people  react to  the salivia that has high glyco -protein that has  been transfered  to the cats coat  during  grooming. Many  people  with sever cat  allergies  find that  they  can own a Siberian and  have little to  no allergic response to their cat. It  is  recommended  that  you  test your allergies with a  live Siberian, or request a fur sample to allergy test  with  from the  parents  before you buy . For  the  allergy  sufferer  there  is  now  a  very good chance,  you  can  share  you  life  with  a Siberian. 

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