About Siberians

Siberian Cats are very personable and love  being  close to their owners. They will greet you at the door when you come home, put you to bed at  night and  cuddle  up with you to  watch a  movie or read a book. Extremely  lovable, very playful and interactive they love to  play  fetch, stealing away anything they really enjoy  and will hide it to play with throughout the day. They  come when they are called and  will follow you everywhere to find out what you are doing and if they can help by sticking a tail in . Our cats tuck my 5 year old son( who has cat allergy triggered asthma ) to bed at  night and there every morning when he  wakes. If you own a Siberian you will never be alone. 

The Siberian take  a long time to Mature approximately 5 years  to reach full Maturity. They  have an overall appearance of strength, power and excellent physical condition of  a  medium to large body style, that of a classical agile hunter. Their eyes range in color from gold and green and all shades in-between. Their coat is  medium to long, silky soft  but  very  dense and thick, they do shed and  love  to be groomed. Females are considerably smaller than males which  can  weight up to 20 lbs. 

Siberian Forest Cats are a natural breed originating in the forest of Russia and are considered a “Russia’s Native Forest Cat”.  Siberians are considered to be one of the largest (in size) breeds of domestic cats. Breeders note that Siberian males range between 12 and 22 pounds and the females range between 9 and 17 pounds.  The Siberian is a cat that has survived the harsh climate of Siberia. They possess a long, thick coat with a full ruff and a tight undercoat that becomes thicker in cold weather and built in Snowshoes.

 They have achieved recognition in seven of the ten North American cat associations since their arrival in 1990; an amazing feat, and an indication of their appeal.  

As a breed, Siberians have a stable, well-balanced temper and excellent health. They easily adapt to any type of living conditions (indoors/outdoors). They are affectionate with a good dose of personality and playfulness, very loyal to their families and amenable to handling. These Cats are very agile and are great leapers. They strongly carry their natural instincts for hunting, quick learning and problem solving. They will prove easy to teach them to fetch and do other tricks. They also seem to have a fascination with water. Siberians are very intelligent, with the ability to problem-solve to get what they want. Despite their size, they are very agile and are great jumpers, able to leap tall bookcases in a single bound.

 People refer to them as having "dog-like" qualities.  They have sweet facial expressions that make you melt. Siberians poses magnificent semi-long hair, triple-coated, waterproof coat that comes in most colors. Despite its density, the coat is easy to manage, it does not shed intensively or matt. Their regal collars (ruff) and bushy tails and fluffy pants add to Siberians unique elegance. All colors and patterns are accepted. Except color pointed ( Blue eyed) Neva Masquarde Siberians they are  as another breed or rather a hybred breed of Siberian. That are not true Traditional Siberian forest Cats and they are judged separatly in the show rings the same show ring. They carry Himalayan ( Persian) genetics. A Neva Masquerade can produce a traditional colored Siberian but it will still have persian hybred  genetics.

Siberians are also known to have “hypo-allergenic”qualities, where many individuals with allergies can enjoy these wonderful cats. For  More  information see  the  allergies  tab.

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