Welcome  to Iceforest Siberian Cattery

We are  a Traditional Siberian Forest Cat Breeder located in  the outskirts of Toronto Ontario Canada. Our  cats  and  kittens have proven Champion lines or  are  champions themselves in TICA, FiFe and  CCA  shows . 

 Our  Siberian  Journey  began  with   three  fabulous  cats  that  where imported  directly  from  Rossity Siberian Cattery in Moscow Russia . Since these cats originate  in Russia, it was only  natural that  we went  to  the  source to find the offspring of the finest champions for our bloodlines .  We  only breed  Traditional  Siberian Cats, our  lines  contain  no  Neva Mascrade,  color point or  diluted  color point genes.  Trying to  keep  to  the traditional roots tracing to the foundation cats of these loveable breed. 

All of our  cats and kittens are  part  of  our family , and  live  as part  of the  family in  our home. They are adored by our family  and our Cane Corso they  come to  you  with  well rounded  personalites and  are very sociable. All our cats for breeding are in good health and condition, they have lovely nature and temperament. All  our  adults  cats  are tested  and  are  free of FIV, FELV PKD and HCM. 

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